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Kennedy Cymone
Kennedy Cymone Vit më parë
Call me chef Ken
Daelynn Nevers
Daelynn Nevers Vit më parë
How you doing chef ken ken 😂😂😂
Kens A
Kens A Vit më parë
This is you’re warning that Jesus Christ told me to tell you you cannot keep living in sin and expect to be save read your Bible get closer to your Heavenly Father I gave you your warning now you have no excuses Jesus is coming back real soon
Tola Johnson
Tola Johnson Vit më parë
@Anise Westbrook 🍑
Anise Westbrook
Anise Westbrook Vit më parë
Kennedy Cymone SOOO GORGEOUS!!! 😍🔥 AND CAN COOK!! 😋💥
Tola Johnson
Tola Johnson Vit më parë
Love you baby follow me on Instagram a pretty boy blue heart
ASHUTOSH KUMAR 3 muaj më parë
Good cooking
Diwan Singh Kunwar
Diwan Singh Kunwar 3 muaj më parë
ASHUTOSH KUMAR 3 muaj më parë
Tasty pasta
Diwan Singh Kunwar
Diwan Singh Kunwar 3 muaj më parë
Like this
Pretty_gurl Mya
Pretty_gurl Mya 4 muaj më parë
The intro is everything omg 😍💕
Ahdrea Buckley
Ahdrea Buckley 4 muaj më parë
Can we get hair tutorial of this hair pleaseeeee
Sarcastic Beauty
Sarcastic Beauty 5 muaj më parë
Listen honey everything looked so yummy until you added that Ragu lawd I was sad after that 😩 I guarantee if you made your own sauce from scratch you'll say Ragu who?? Lol! but it's your dish and that's what you like but yea like I said it did look good!!! Definitely gets a thumbs up boo 🙌
Terriney 9 muaj më parë
I would be scared of that fire alarm😭💯Its really sensitive, the smoke detector do too much, cant even cook a stir fry and it might go off
Joseph williams
Joseph williams 9 muaj më parë
Bitches make Rey first meal and start callin themself a chef
Hotbkoy. Ant
Hotbkoy. Ant 10 muaj më parë
Yhu already cooked chiccen Alfredo with shrimp?🤔
Hotbkoy. Ant
Hotbkoy. Ant 10 muaj më parë
I’m try this fasho 🤣🤣, great video 👍🏾💙
Myer Findley
Myer Findley 11 muaj më parë
Fendi got Soo big😍
Ms Octavia
Ms Octavia Vit më parë
She looking like somebody wife in that intro. Keep elevating mentally and spiritually Queen❤️
Naraj 85
Naraj 85 Vit më parë
I miss this girl bro🤣😅
Aireon Donley
Aireon Donley Vit më parë
Looks good Kennedy I’m gone have to try it
Daelynn Nevers
Daelynn Nevers Vit më parë
Your food be looking good gurl or should i say chef ken ken 😜😂
Marie Marie
Marie Marie Vit më parë
Girl it’s so easy to make home made Alfredo sauce literally I just learnt myself in I was like this is it ?? I been missing out I will never buy Alfredo in a jar again !!
Itsjustmiyah Vit më parë
Imani Mustafa
Imani Mustafa Vit më parë
I usually place a fan in the kitchen to keep the smoke detector from going off. It's so annoying when it goes off. Love the video btw!! Everything looked great ❤️
Alexis Herring
Alexis Herring Vit më parë
Where did you get your hair from? 💕
Sleez DaDon
Sleez DaDon Vit më parë
I caught that kiss😂
Ramona Tv
Ramona Tv Vit më parë
Kennedy love her salmon 😂❤️❤️❤️ #kenkilla
Kayy Castillo
Kayy Castillo Vit më parë
Love the intro song!!!!
Maitlin Joyner
Maitlin Joyner Vit më parë
I need a plate from Chef Ken 😬
Comet Vit më parë
Everybody in this comment section just change your name to simp
La Cassie
La Cassie Vit më parë
this what im have for dinna today thnkss gorl!😂
ᗯIᒪᒪIᗩᗰᔕ丅ᕼᗴ Ǥᗝᗩ丅
ᗯIᒪᒪIᗩᗰᔕ丅ᕼᗴ Ǥᗝᗩ丅 Vit më parë
ok chef ken :)
michael Vit më parë
I swear your the most beautifull woman i ever seen ❤😅
queen bonnets
queen bonnets Vit më parë
I just love when Kennedy gets this ash blonde 😍 fits her soooo good
Carson Sanders
Carson Sanders Vit më parë
Did she move from her last apartment?
KA Twins
KA Twins Vit më parë
Hey Kennedy
Star Asia
Star Asia Vit më parë
Need more videos hun
Joi Yetunde Israel
Joi Yetunde Israel Vit më parë
Ewww shrimp = Sea Roaches 🤮🤮🤮
Diamond Champion
Diamond Champion Vit më parë
That food look good bruh 😂😂😂
BIM Vit më parë
“Razzle dazzle”
jamal willabus
jamal willabus Vit më parë
A WOMAN 😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
YShb tv
YShb tv Vit më parë
Wen you bring out that Old Bay i new you no what you doing a women who can cook 😘😘
YShb tv
YShb tv Vit më parë
Thats my baby rite there
Imanoo Malik
Imanoo Malik Vit më parë
SkizzySami 2
SkizzySami 2 Vit më parë
Yousaidwhatnow Vit më parë
back at your mama
Leyla Sanabria
Leyla Sanabria Vit më parë
3:37 Look at the time she put the pot on the stove and then look at when she put the noodles are in {GET IT?}
Uniquely Chae
Uniquely Chae Vit më parë
Forget my diet! I’m making this 2mm! That looks wayyy too good!
Chaka The Great
Chaka The Great Vit më parë
A little black cutey, she does her modeling, she do vlogs, she funny and goofy 💯 and she can cook 😩😩 thank God for you 🙏🏽
Javias Chante’
Javias Chante’ Vit më parë
Both them shits nasty; should of got Bertolii Alfredo sauce
Javias Chante’
Javias Chante’ Vit më parë
What was the purpose of seasoning the skin part, if you take it off 🤣🤣
destined forgreatness
destined forgreatness Vit më parë
pretty and can cook, she a winner.
Clifford Jenkins II
Clifford Jenkins II Vit më parë
I don't care bout nun of that bs with something like that 0:45 I would never let that go. Also can you cook for me?
Green Grace
Green Grace Vit më parë
Ragu is my favorite my mom makes this pasta all the time
Dorea Truideman
Dorea Truideman Vit më parë
I really love her personality
Bestfriends And their life’s
Bestfriends And their life’s Vit më parë
Why can’t De’arra and Kennedy collab
Caira's Worlddd
Caira's Worlddd Vit më parë
Love you ken ❤️
Xomalisha Vit më parë
Chef ken in the houseee 😭😭
Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson Vit më parë
homemade sauce: heavy whipping cream, shredded parmesan, butter and your seasonings. Easyyyyyy
Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson Vit më parë
nah fr, those loft style apartment smoke detecters TOO sensitive . Mine go off when I'm blow drying my hair -__-
FruiT- IOS
FruiT- IOS Vit më parë
Alchemist Logic
Alchemist Logic Vit më parë
0:14 Just alittle advise. You should always use a wooden spoon when cooking. Using a metal spoon on a pan erodes the metal of the pan and it goes into your food and causes cancer and dementia
Stacey Short
Stacey Short Vit më parë
It's easy and taste better to make your own sauce. All you need is heavy cream, butter and whatever cheese you like and whatever seasoning you like.
Julia Burns
Julia Burns Vit më parë
The Ragu is surprisingly really good.. It has great flavor. Classico gets it a little creamier. I get the same two you got. That food looked so good!
Nay’s World
Nay’s World Vit më parë
Hey Chef Ken I loveed your salmon recipe I usually don’t like Salmon no matter how I try too cook it, however this compound butter effect does the trick I actually had to make my own cuz my food store didn’t have basil Parmesan and garlic butter so I made my own and added some lemon rind I made my fish an shrimp on top of rice it was so delicious my kids were happy too so ty very much 🥰🥰🥰
Heavy Ether-Mack
Heavy Ether-Mack Vit më parë
Kennedy: it takes less than 20 mins to make. Also Kennedy: putting noodles in pot 1 hour later 😂😬😐😒😏🙂☺🙄
-Dark-Side Misanthrope -
-Dark-Side Misanthrope - Vit më parë
No disrespect, but are you bleaching your skin?
Bridget Anderson
Bridget Anderson Vit më parë
Heyyyyy BEAUTIFUL..👐 so glad to see another video.👁👁...Where is my fenly???🐕... I enjoyed the video.📹..Stay Safe and Bless Love you both🙏💃🐕😷💋
Tayshaun Thomas
Tayshaun Thomas Vit më parë
Kennedy you gone have to make a cooking channel cause your cooking be popping #chefken💖✊💥
Savage TV
Savage TV Vit më parë
It look 🔥
Meice Always
Meice Always Vit më parë
Food looks sooo good
Karla Monis
Karla Monis Vit më parë
Nahhh Ken we need a hair tutorial with this one ! Curls and allllll! So pretty 😍😍😍😍
Chrissyyy Gandy
Chrissyyy Gandy Vit më parë
girl that shit looks good asfffff 😩😍😍😍😍
NolaMarieSings Vit më parë
Can you make deep fried king crab ?
janet flores
janet flores Vit më parë
If u can cook shrimp and salmon then u can make homemade sauce.. I did just yesterday and it came out amazing!! U won’t regret it .. have some faith in yourself!! I’m not the best cook but damn that already came out delicious!!
Tiffany Nwafulume
Tiffany Nwafulume Vit më parë
😂😂😂the arm fat made me laugh(not calling you fat) your food looks good tho😋
Dania Ortiz
Dania Ortiz Vit më parë
This was a better cooking vlog then seeing these people fake cooking, who dont even know how to cook rice 😭😭 . You did that 🙌🥰
Notsofleek_lee Vit më parë
Try putting a shower cap or plastic bag over the alarm. That’s what we used to do in dorms
Nosipho Nondaba
Nosipho Nondaba Vit më parë
That's literally what I have in my dorm rn 😂😂
Bianca Walkes
Bianca Walkes Vit më parë
it was awesome did the recipe my fav chef ken
Drithehilarious !
Drithehilarious ! Vit më parë
She got a lil scared that’s the fastest I ever saw her move 😂
Asiaaa Diorrr
Asiaaa Diorrr Vit më parë
Okay so I just made this and it’s bomb 😋🥰 !
CrownJewel Vit më parë
Where is this two piece from?!😍
Sha.b_101 Vit më parë
I love her cooking💜✨
Sha.b_101 Vit më parë
Chef ken yah better make some lasagna
Tee Patrice
Tee Patrice Vit më parë
Is it me or is her video blurry? I keep wiping my eyes but the blur isn’t going anywhere. It’s messing with my head lol
Mathews Mulenga
Mathews Mulenga Vit më parë
Oh Kennedy is a sexy beast
rip1Bdyt Vit më parë
I be wanting to know why all females hide they belly button
Makiya KTriceé
Makiya KTriceé Vit më parë
Love you Kennedy and go subscribe to my channel💗I’m a small youtuber!
daja H
daja H Vit më parë
Bitches make Alfredo all of a sudden they can cook Lmaoo
daja H
daja H Vit më parë
May Flowers irrelevant 😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Latasha Gatewood
Latasha Gatewood Vit më parë
if she was into girls ... I would definitely fw her🥰
Just Dexodus
Just Dexodus Vit më parë
Looks good! Come on over and check out @ just dexodus ALclone
Vel 1hunnid
Vel 1hunnid Vit më parë
A woman who can cook 😳😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
li li briggs
li li briggs Vit më parë
Kennedy try your pasta with Bertolli Alfredo sauce next time you'll love it!
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams Vit më parë
li li briggs yeah thats the best alfredo sauce
Nyuirr Vit më parë
The food looked so mfn good
Keke Snukki
Keke Snukki Vit më parë
Fendi saying who the hell you talking to over there 🐕... when we the only ones here 🤣🤣😂😂...
Keisha Fairley
Keisha Fairley Vit më parë
You killed a baby
Keisha Fairley
Keisha Fairley Vit më parë
That hair col is not for you don't like it on u
Keisha Fairley
Keisha Fairley Vit më parë
So are u a baby killer
Lil Spanishbaby
Lil Spanishbaby Vit më parë
Why have I been craving this lately & now I see it on your channel 🥺🥺🥺
Lauricia Edwards
Lauricia Edwards Vit më parë
Looks good. Try adding red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning to your alfredo..I LOBE RAGU TOO 😅👀
Big Draco Vinson 😈
Big Draco Vinson 😈 Vit më parë
Willoe kimora
Willoe kimora Vit më parë
SwitchLF Vit më parë
You should make french toast 😋
Vibe With Davien
Vibe With Davien Vit më parë
I love when bae cooks for me
Antonio Calhoun
Antonio Calhoun Vit më parë
I wanna give u this pipe lil baby no cap
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